Microsoft Windows 7 Professional


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With Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft appeals to professional users and businesses. A lot has changed in the optical as well as in the system and security area: Optimizations can be found, for example, in the revised Windows Explorer and in the new security center.


Better performance and intuitive features


At the center of Windows 7 Professional is a user-friendly operation: The developers have programs such as Paint and WordPad equipped with a ribbon interface, which is common since Microsoft Office 2007. The sidebar is no longer available in Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, allowing you to place widgets directly on the desktop. Overall, the operating system is characterized by increased performance, which is partly due to the lower system requirements, but also on the new DirectX 11, which improves the performance in the graphics area. In addition, Windows 7 Professional supports alternative input devices such as tablet PCs with features such as multi-touch.


For easier and faster orientation in Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, various programs help you. The workflow is accelerated by the maintenance center, which provides virus scanner and firewall monitoring, and the error logger, which creates detailed problem report logging. Also in the repertoire is the virtual folder in Windows Explorer for speedy data management and voice control and output for users with limited capabilities.

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