Windows 10 Home


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The new Windows 10 Home operating system offers both advanced and novice users, as the name implies, “home-area” optimal computer support. Like every other “home” variant from Microsoft, the Windows 10 Home operating system also shines with a very user-friendly new interface. In addition, depending on the platform, Microsoft Windows 10 Home adapts to the device used and its properties. The system requirements for the Windows 10 operating system Home Diesel ben as in the two previous versions, Windows 7 and 8.1 For this reason, even older computers can handle problems with Windows 10 Home.




New features in the operating system Windows 10 Home

In addition to optical changes, the Windows 10 Home operating system also brings new features:


Cortana: Language assistant for operating the system

Microsoft Edge: New Internet browser, replacing the previous Internet Explorer

Face and fingerprint recognition (if corresponding devices are available)

Continuum: Tablet mode for touch devices

Windows Holographic: Application platform for the associated HoloLens data glasses (augmented reality)


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